So as summer is quickly approaching I thought it is time for me to hunt the base perfectly suitable for summer. After doing a little bit of research I found what I was looking for. A medium coverage yet would feel light on the skin. And you know what? This CC cream is perfect plus it is not too expensive. 
Honestly, I was never going after that BB, CC and so on trend. All those claims sound too good to be a true. I have always thought that all those letters sound a little bit gimmicky. However, after hearing so much about this product I really wanted to try it myself and next thing you know I am standing in the drugstore near Bourjois counter.

I am so happy I have picked this product. It is honestly what I really wanted for so long. It covers all imperfections I have while I feel like wearing nothing on my skin. It gives lovely, bright but not too shiny finish. To top it off, it contains SPF 15, claims to deliver 24hr hydration, leaving my skin soft and supple. It claims to have apricot, green and white pigments to mask fatigue, redness and dark spots respectively. Honestly, I do not know how much it is true but what I know that it does cover dark spots quite well. 
The one downside is shade range. They do not make a lot of shades. I believe that there are only 4 shades. I picked 32 Light Beige and I found it a tad bit darker for my skin as I do not have tan on my skin but in summer it should be a perfect match. However, I do think it might be a bit of a struggle to find a perfect shade. 



  1. It's really annoying about the shade range because this sounds like such a good bb cream!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  2. A lot of BB or CC creams come in very few shades, and they almost never have one that matches me so I always have to skip over these types of products, which is such a shame because it sounds amazing!


  3. this sounds really nice, i always tend to reach for a bb or cc cream in summer and i've just run out, will definitely be adding this to my wishlist (if they have a shade match for me, that is!)
    natasha // eyebrows, inc.